The Charter for Regions will include new recognition for regional governing bodies and will protect the regions’ political representation.


Three main principles will guide the discussions. Throughout the process, the contents of these principles and their total number will need to evolve in order to represent the ambitions that arise from the consultation.  

Tournée Charte des régions

Take part in the consultations so that you can share about the difficulties being faced in your region, propose ideas and return power to local authorities!

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Merci beaucoup aux plus de 1400 participants des 20 consultations régionales!


On vous invite à continuer de participer en ligne et de partager avec nous vos idées pour le Québec. Vous pouvez soumettre vos commentaires sur les pages des différents principes et enjeux régionaux.  

The Charter for Regions is about being able to dream again

“Occupying and developing our vast territory in a sustainable and inclusive manner, that’s just what the Charter for Regions will allow us to do.

We need to think about the Quebec of tomorrow, take pride in our regions,

be able to dream again and care for our regions.”

Dominique Anglade