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Demography and Land Occupancy

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Demography and Land Occupancy

Some questions to fuel your reflection on the theme of demography and land occupancy:

To promote discussion, a number of guiding questions are listed in the following pages. They are neither intended to be limiting nor exhaustive; we would welcome any topic that you would like to bring to our attention.

How can we enhance the participation for people living in our communities?

How can your region become more attractive from the following perspectives:
o    Immigration;
o    Retaining young people; 
o    Keeping seasoned workers on the workforce

Which conditions needs to be established to encourage First Nations peoples’ active participation in regional development so that they are able to draw the same advantages non-indigenous people?  

How can we implement concerted and massive intervention to halt the downward demographic trend and move toward development and better occupancy?

How can we generate widespread awareness about a region’s quality of life, the good jobs it has to offer and its openness to immigration?

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Demography and Land Occupancy
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