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Some questions to fuel your reflection on the theme of education:

To promote discussion, a number of guiding questions are listed in the following pages. They are neither intended to be limiting nor exhaustive; we would welcome any topic that you would like to bring to our attention.

How can we make the most of school, parents and the community to encourage graduation and academic persistence?

How can we ensure that no young person is left behind by the education system and that they reach their full potential, particularly in the case of learning difficulties?

How can we ensure that the education service offer is maintained at the elementary and secondary levels in all regions? 

Would it be useful to have universities in each region? Why? 

How can our CEGEPs and universities better support development (sustainable, social, economic, cultural, sports, etc.) in their home regions in accordance with their fundamental mission? 

Would it be fitting to adapt the school calendar to new factors such as the high tourism season? 

Should we transfer the responsibility for schools (infrastructures and equipment) and non-teaching staff to the municipalities?

Would it be useful to have universities in each region? Why? 

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