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Natural Resources

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Some questions to fuel your reflection on the topic of natural resources:

To promote discussion, a number of guiding questions are listed in the following pages. They are neither intended to be limiting nor exhaustive; we would welcome any topic that you would like to bring to our attention.

How can we help each region take full advantage of its resources (mines, forestry, agriculture, energy, etc.)?  

How can we support the exploitation of natural resources so that it is carried in a manner that is respectful of communities and the principles of sustainable development, which includes the fight against GHGs? 

What innovative ways can we use to better manage and predict the cyclical risks of government investments in natural resources?

How can new technologies support these industries in your regions?

How can we preserve our forestry heritage?

How can the government better integrate social economy businesses (non-profits) and local and regional entrepreneurs in the development and access to public territories in the regions, such as national parks, wildlife reserves and unorganized territories?

How can we better support the use or integration of lumber in residential, commercial and institutional constructions in Quebec?

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Natural Resources
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