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A few questions to fuel your reflection on the topic of seniors:

To promote discussion, a number of guiding questions are listed in the following pages. They are neither intended to be limiting nor exhaustive; we would welcome any topic that you would like to bring to our attention.

How do you think the aging population will affect your region? 

How do you think the aging population will affect your region? 

How can we support informal caregivers and the community sector so that people who are losing independence can grow old where they choose?

Which innovative approaches will help us maximize support for seniors and enhance their quality of life?

Do you think that people aged 65 and above should be encouraged to return to or remain on the active workforce, why? 

Which resources should be enhanced, modified or created to help seniors stay at home and how should it be done? 

How should the supervision for private residences for autonomous and semi-autonomous people be reviewed?

Which are the forms of discrimination or even intimidation that seniors experience most often? 

Should CHSLDs be considered long-term housing centres or hospital centres?

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