Second Principle

Modulating the Government’s Actions According to Each Region’s Realities

All of the Quebec government’s interventions that could impact the regions should be adapted and modulated in a manner that takes regional specificities into consideration. In accordance with national orientations, these adaptations may, in particular, concern:

Government laws, programs and regulations

The decision-making and administrative process

The working conditions of employees and workers who are paid by the State and their deployment throughout the territory

The government’s supply policies

The availability and equity of government services

Hiring criteria and the awarding of contracts as part of calls for tender

The government policy pertaining to immigration and demographic support

Some questions to feed your thinking:

Should we focus on specific sectors or certain types of intervention or apply the Charter to all government actions? Can we define and circumscribe the situations and sectors where it is pertinent to modulate the interventions according to the regions?

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