Each region has diversified challenges and issues, so the consultation will offer opportunities to discuss them. Addressing the regional issues will, on the one hand, make it possible to view through the lens of the three principles of the Charter and its application. A number of adjustments will clearly need to be made beforehand.

For example, there is reconciliation of regional adjustments with national targets and standards, particularly as they pertain to the environment. The risk of increasing bureaucracy must also be mitigated and efforts must be made to instead simplify Quebecers’ lives.

On the other hand, this approach will provide a new perspective on the current challenges faced by people in each region. Some issues with undeniably reach beyond regions’ administrative borders without them necessarily having the same relative importance within each.


It would be interesting to analyze the consultation results and to observe whether other ways of seeing and responding to their issues would be relevant.


Likewise, it would be interesting to observe whether there are new overlapping issues between many regions, which could give rise to the development of better adapted policies.


The following themes have been chosen as a guide but we will be able to address topics that do not appear on the list.

To promote discussion, a number of guiding questions are listed in the following pages. They are neither intended to be limiting nor exhaustive; we would welcome any topic that you would like to bring to our attention.

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