The Charter for Regions

Under a Liberal government, the Charter for Regions will take the shape of a bill presented at the National Assembly. This bill will have to contain principles that will apply universally and equitably to each of the regions.

The objectives of the process

The Charter for Régions will include new recognition for regional governance bodies and will protect the regions’ political representation. It will strengthen each region’s right to development and prosperity on the basis of individual equality.

Indeed, it seeks to be an additional tool to ensure access to innovation throughout the territory, while acknowledging the regions’ contributions to Quebec’s prosperity through their differences and specificities. More broadly, this project would be a tool to modernize and enhance our relations with First Nations and Inuit peoples who inhabit Quebec’s regions.

By actively supporting a dynamic occupation of our territory, this project will have a beneficial impact on the demographic situation in our regions.  


Consultations open to all

The consultation process, and the reflections surrounding it, will allow us to shed light on regional issues and challenges. That is why each meeting will consist of two parts. The first will focus on reflecting about the principles that should guide the government’s action in the regions, and the second will take a look at the regional issues and challenges themselves.


In order to ensure the widest citizen participation possible, a vast consultation will be carried out during the winter and spring of 2021

  • 21 virtual, nonpartisan consultations that are accessible to everyone in each of Quebec regions;

  • Consultations with regional and local consultative bodies, as well as with provincial associations;

  • Ad hoc consultations with people having expertise or specializing in regional development.

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